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Ever since the introduction of sneakers in 1923, they have been the code of cool for shoes. No other type of shoe has ever beaten how cool sneakers for men and women are. No matter what occasion, sneakers are considered one of the most comfortable and stylish options for footwear. A cool pair of sneakers will be fresh for a long time, no matter what season.

Although, right now there are a lot of variety and styles of sneakers and the customers may not know where to start. Whenever a customer is looking out for sneakers for men, it is always beneficial to research about the different sneakers.  

Some of the best sneakers for men are listed below:

  1. Converse sneakers
  2. Vans slip-on core classic sneakers
  3. Adidas original superstar classic sneakers
  4. Nike Air Jordans classic sneakers
  5. Puma smash v2 classic sneakers
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Converse and Vans are crap for sneakers. I stay away from the rest because they sell name not quality or comfort. I have  Sketchers with the memory foam ( wide of course!), Ecco and  recently I am into Brooks and have half dozen pairs  or so of different styles for outdoors and hiking.  

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cain posted:

Clarks rock, so do Sketchers.

Love Clarks. While I wear dress shoes for work, I wear Clarks almost everywhere else except for exercising where I wear sneakers like this one.

I never wear sneakers when not exercising. I don't care for bulky style sneakers either. Stylish dressing is a must for me.   If I have to make a quick visit to the grocery for insance, I wear slip on casuals like these.

But almost always, I wear Clarks even when going out in suits when the event doesn't require extreme formal wear. Have several colors. Even my daughter's boyfriend has gotten to like them and I have also gotten my son wear them although his frequency is not alike mine. 



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I'm sorry for the people who have to make sneakers in factories because they look hard to make and they probably got low pay. I'm embarrassed to say that when I was in elementary school someone stepped on my sneakers and call it skips and told me to get pro keds and out of fear i got pro-keds at the expense of my parents'. I guess the girls must have expected me to fight the person who stepped on my sneakers but they never told me that. 

This is a treacherous country because they wear sneakers because it makes no sound so the spirit or aliens wouldn't know where they coming or going. There is a cover under them and they don't look under them hense the under armour sneakers. They're undercover because they don't have to know or  look below where they're sitting. These people are really dangerous and they must be uncovered. Maybe they look under them with their minds but that does not establish evidence of a conspiracy to kill IT (spirit). I believe IT is the Hindu goddess KALI. 


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Ronald Anthony Arjune posted:
Dougan posted:

Clarks are good, but you can usually find me in a pair of Cole Haan Chukkas.

@cain whats going on man?

There's something with me and Cain? I'm not applying the paranoia of my illness. 

No Ron, don't get carried away now. Dougan has been posting here for years but has been off the board for a while, he's got lots of women so the banna doan have time for us...know what ah mean?


Oi Dougan things good, you married yet or still playin da field?

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