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34 doctors being dispatched to health facilities - following completion of one year rotation

Georgetown, GINA, October 5, 2011
Source - GINA

The Health sector has over the past few years, received tremendous boost as a result of the creation of modern infrastructure and the injection of hundreds of trained medical practitioners to man them. Today, 34 doctors participated in an orientation session held at Cara Lodge prior to them being dispatched to health care institutions within the 10 Administrative Regions.

Six of the doctors have completed their rotation in Russia and Cuba, while the remaining 28 have done theirs at Guyana’s premiere health institution, the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC).

Minister in the Ministry of Health, Dr. Bheri Ramsaran, while delivering his remarks, acknowledged the extent of doctors being trained overseas, particularly Cuba which is highly recognised by the World Health Organisation (WHO).

Dr. Ramsaran noted that over 35 years ago, 11 Guyanese were sent to Cuba for training in various fields, including the medical field; however those persons died in an accident. Nevertheless Guyana was not intimidated by that incident and has continued to send larger numbers of persons to receive training each year.

Dr. Ramsaran reiterated that next year 301 Cuban trained Guyanese doctors are expected to return to Guyana to deliver services, however they will be spending an additional year in Cuba to complete their rotation since that number will be overwhelming for the major health institutions in Guyana to execute the rotation process effectively. Upon return to Guyana they will be full-fledged doctors ready to serve the Guyanese people.

The Minister stated that Brazil and Venezuela have indicated their interest in making available scholarships to Guyanese, in keeping with the fact that the Health Ministry can be described as an educational institution since it makes available medical training in a number of areas including nursing, technician, medex, and post-graduate programmes.

Dr. Ramsaran highlighted the components outlined in the sector’s four tenets- equity of access, quality care, dollar for value and customer satisfaction.

Permanent Secretary, Hydar Ally recognised that the doctors are joining the profession at an exciting time when a lot of investments are being made into the sector. He encouraged the doctors to pursue their mission with dedication, commitment, and humility and live up to the expectations of the profession.

Director of Regional Health Services, Dr. Narine Singh pointed out that the presence of doctors in the health facilities around the country aids the Administration’s thrust towards providing quality health care irrespective of location.

He encouraged the doctors to be innovative while complementing the work already being carried out by the existing staff at the heath care facilities where they are stationed.

Dr. Singh noted that they must be keen to the fact that citizens are much more sensitized and would not hesitate to make reports on misconduct of the doctors; hence their action is a reflection of the Health Ministry and the Government.

The Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Shamdeo Singh made a presentation outlining areas such as the legal status of the health sector, doctors’ roles and responsibilities, health reform, and discipline for malpractice and misconduct.
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