32 students gained top 10 marks at NGSA - Graham’s Hall Primary and Mae’s tie in first position


Georgetown, GINA, June 27, 2012 -- Source - GINA


Education Minister, Priya Manickchand today announced the names of the students that attained the top 10 highest marks at this year’s National Grade Six Assessment, in the National Assembly.


The results of the examinations which were written on April 4-5 will be officially released to schools within the next 24 hours. The 17, 138 candidates who wrote this examination also sat the National Grade Two Assessment in 2008 and the National Grade Four Assessment in 2010.


The top 10 marks were shared by 32 students with the highest possible total score obtainable at 563.


Top scorers Michael Bhopaul of Graham’s Hall Primary School and Ramesh Ghir of Mae’s Under 12 tied with 547 marks. Third position was gained by Roletta Barrow of Success Elementary with 546 marks, fourth position Angel Munilall of Success Elementary, Telesha Sukraj from Mae’s Under 12 with 543.

Ashandai Liverpool of Tucville Primary and Roshawn Cummings of Success Elementary copped the sixth position with 542 marks; while the eight position was shared by Isaiah Carter, Ria Khan and Anthony Singh of Success elementary, and Surendra Gocool of Kawall Primary, with 541 marks each.

Twelfth position was shared by Rihanna Khan of Success Elementary, Farah Chin of Marian Academy, and Alyssa Nurse of Mae’s Under 12 with 540 marks each.

Sarah Garrido of Green Acres Primary and Nerisha Maraj and Leonardo Gobin of Dharmic Rama Krishna Primary copped the thirteenth position; while Onisha Adams of Green Acres Primary, Joshua Mortley and Ruel Sookdeo of Success Elementary, and Latonya Darrel of New Guyana School gained 538 marks in the fourteenth position.

The fifteenth position in the country was obtained by ten students; Sydney Frazer of New Guyana School, Jeevan Dalip and Alyssa Baksh of Mae’s Under 12, Sherry Frank of School of the Nations, Brandon Samaroo and Simantra Scott of Success Elementary, Anupa Ramdehol of Zealugt Primary, Atika Roshandin of Academy of Excellence, Kimberly Prashad of Taymouth Manor Primary, and Jelina Arjoon of Green Acres Primary with 537 marks each.

Seven students copped the sixteenth position namely Fidel Da Silva of Green Acres Primary, Michael Persaud of ABC Academy, Keiron Smith and Adiya Gomes of Success Elementary, Ricardo Singh of Providence Primary, and Jonette Casey and Vishaul Jack of Mae’s Under 12.

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Michael Bhopaul of Graham’s Hall Primary, Ramesh Ghir of Mae’s Under 12 share top spot at NGSA with 547 marks each

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Wednesday, 27 June 2012 23:43

Source - Guyana Chronicle

EDUCATION MINISTER Ms. Priya Manickchand yesterday announced the results of the National Grade Six Assessment (NGSA) in the National Assembly declaring that 32 students shared the top 10 positions, with Michael Bhopaul of Graham’s Hall Primary, Ramesh Ghir of Mae’s Under 12 sharing the top spot with 547 marks out of a highest possible 563 marks

Some 17,178 students took the assessment.

Third position was gained by Rawlettta Barrow of Success Elementary with 546 marks. The fourth position was shared by Angel Moonilall of Success Elementary and Talicia Sukhraj from Mae’s Under 12. They each scored 543 marks

The sixth position was shared by Ashandai Liverpool of Tucville Primary and Roshawn Cummings of Success Elementary. They each scored 542 marks. The eight position was shared by four candidates namely: Isaiah Carter of Success Elementary, Ria Khan of Success Elementary, Anthony Singh of Success Elementary and Surendra Gocool of Kawall Primary with 541 marks each.

The 12th position was shared by Reanna Khan of Success Elementary, Farah Chin of Marian Academy and Alyssa Nurse of Mae’s Under 12. They each scored 540 marks.
The remaining positions were occupied by:

15. Leonardo Gobin Patentia Primary
539  Region 3
15. Nareeshta Maraj Dharmic Rama Krishna
539  Georgetown
15. Sarah Garrido, Green Acres Primary539 Georgetown
18. Onecia Adams, Green Acres Primary538 Georgetown
18. Joshua Mortley, Success Elementary538 Region Four
18. Reul Sugdeo, Success Elementary538 Region Four
18. Latonya Darrell, New Guyana School538 Georgetown
22. Sydney Fraser, New Guyana School537 Georgetown
22. Jeevan Dalip, Mae’s Under 12537 Georgetown
22. Alyssa Baksh, Mae’s Under 12537 Georgetown
22. Cheri Frank, School of the Nations537, Georgetown
22. Brandon Samaroo, Success Elementary537, Region Four
22. Samathra Scott, Success Elementary537, Region Four
22. Anopa Ramdial, Zeelugt Primary537, Region Three
22. Atiqah Roshandin, Academy of Excellence537, Region Three
22. Kimberly Prasad, Taymouth Manor Primary537, Region Two
22. Jelena Arjune, Green Acres Primary537, Georgetown
32. Fidel Da Silva, Green Acres Primary536, Georgetown
32. Michael Persaud, ABC Academy536, Georgetown
32. Keron Smith, Success Elementary536, Region Four
32. Adiah Gomes, Success Elementary536, Region Four
32. Ricardo Singh, Providence Primary
536, Region Four
32. Johnette Facey, Mae’s Under 12536, Region Four
32. Vishal Jack, Mae’s Under 12536, Region Four


TOP PERFORMER: Michael Bhopaul of Graham’s Hall Primary attained 547 marks at the National Grade Six Assessment Examination.

Michael Bhopaul - It is fantastic to hear that I placed in the top ten. My challenges were not many. Thanks to my parents. He will be rewarded with family support

THIRD PLACE: Rawletta Barrow of Success Elementary attained 546 marks at the National Grade Six Assessment Examination.

Rawletta Barrow - it was not difficult I aimed for the star and I placed my best for forward and now I am completely satisfied with my results. I thank my parents and teachers for this success.-She will be rewarded with a lap top.

Talicia Sukhraj- I studied very hear and I want to say thank you to Jesus who helped me the more- She will be rewarded with all her demands including an overseas trip

FOURTH PLACE: Talicia Sukhraj of Mae’s Under 12 attained 543 marks at the National Grade Six Assessment Examination.

Angel Moonilall- I thank god, my family and teachers and my

FOURTH PLACE: Angel Moonilall of Success Elementary also attained 543 marks at the National Grade Six Assessment Examination.

father who drove me to school every day. I was expecting to do good but not this good.

Ashandai Liverpool
- I am very happy and I thank god for this. I am looking forward to doing even better in my studies and I want to

SIXTH PLACE: Ashandai Liverpool of Tucville Primary attained 542 marks at National Grade Six Assessment Examination.


thank my grandmother, mother and teachers.- She will be rewarded an overseas trip by her grandmother

I feel fantastic, great, excited - Ramesh Ghir
Speaking to the Guyana Chronicle young Ramesh Ghir, who bears the name of his father who is the manager of the Cheddi Jagan

Ramesh Ghir

International Airport (CJIA), said he did not expect to be the top Narational Grade Six Assessment (NGSA student but he feels fantastic, great and excited.” Asked what he feels was responsible for his success he responded: God, my family and teachers,” adding that he took his studies seriously and sacrificed recreational activities. He said competition among his colleagues also contributed to his success

The young Ghir said after relaxing for a while he intends to get back to serious studies and after completion he wants to follow in the footsteps of his father and become a Manager of CJIA.

Congrats to the kids for sure.  Unfortunately, only a handful of these kids came from Govt schools, most are from private schools catering to the elite Guyanese of GT who pay big bucks and rely minimally on the MoE, apart from the curriculum.  90% of all Guyanese attend Govt schools.

Drowned boy would have been awarded school of his dreams


June 29, 2012 | By | Filed Under News 

Dead: Shemar Success


While many parents will be able to embrace and congratulate their children on their success at this year’s National Grade Six Assessment, Shemar Success’ family is left with nothing but satisfaction that their son was awarded one of the schools that he had been aiming for.

Many may not even be able to understand the emotions of Shemar’s parents, who upon learning of their son’s excellent grades, burst into uncontrollable tears.

His results were first seen by his father, Roy Success, who uplifted them from his son’s former school, Success Elementary. Everybody there he noted, had been asking about his son’s grades, since they were all aware of his potential.

The 11-year-old who drowned during the last Easter holiday – days after he wrote the exams – was awarded The Bishops’ High School, one of the country’s top secondary learning institutions, having achieved a total of 524 marks.

An emotional Mr. Success last evening told Kaieteur News that his son had been confident, dedicated, and had worked tirelessly to gain entrance into either the school he was awarded, or “the prestigious Queens College”, the school he was only a couple of marks short of attending.

Mr. Success added that while he is extremely happy and proud of his son’s achievements, he is even more aggrieved at the fact that he is not alive to feel the passionate pride.

The senior Success related that had his only child been alive today, he would have hit the roof with joy over his achievement.

“He would’ve been happy. I can only imagine what his expressions would’ve been like if he was here to see that his hard work has paid off,” the man said. He added that he will soon be visiting his son’s grave, to give him the good news.

Meanwhile, as of last evening, Karen Maynard, Shemar’s mother, was still very distraught, but says she is extremely proud of her son. She recalls Shemar just after he wrote his last exam.


The lad’s NGSA results


“He was so sure he would get Queen’s or Bishops’. But then after the last exam, he said ‘mommy I think I got some questions wrong, so I might more get Bishops’”.

Young Shemar Success’s body was discovered by a child at the Herstelling sea dam, several days after he drowned off the shores of the Georgetown seawall.

According to reports then, the West Ruimveldt lad, along with a few friends and the father of one of the children, left to go and hangout at the seawall in the afternoon hours, and decided to play in the water.

A girl, believed to have been a friend of Success, had initially explained to this newspaper that the lad had ventured deeper into the water to take a dive, but never surfaced. During that time, neighbours were all high in praises of the lad whom they described as “brilliant” and “very respectful”.

Shemar’s father had expressed gratitude to his son’s teacher and great uncle, Mr. Wilfred Success, the Principal of Success Elementary.

(Rehana Ashley Ahamad)

Region Five top scorers attribute their success to hard work and parents’ support  


Georgetown, GINA, June 30, 2012 -- Source - GINA


The evidence of equity within the education system was recently highlighted in the results of the National Grade Six Assessment that was written on April 4 -5, by 17,138 students from all the primary schools and departments from across the country.

The outstanding results from schools, from Mabaruma Primary in Region One to Watooka Primary in Region 10 testify to the equitable delivery of quality education to the nation’s children, and the effectiveness of many policies and programmes introduced by the Administration over recent times.

The Government Information Agency on Saturday spoke with Region Five’s top 10 scorers and the following are their comments.


Andrew Edmon Persaud, Mortice Primary, 531 marks
I feel excited and happy. I did a lot of revising, spent late nights revising and my mom and dad helped me.  When I grow up I want play cricket for the West Indies.


Vevekeanan Ramnarace, Novar Primary, 525
I feel very excited. My mother and father and grandparents they stayed up in the night to help me and I stayed up late to do my home work. I’m very happy with my results.


Neatra Ramdeem, Novar Primary, 523 marks
Happy, just happy… I would like to thank my teacher and my father for helping me to reach this far.  I would like to become a scientist when I grow up.


Gitanjal Ramdat, Novar Primary, 522 marks
I felt excited.  I was actually aiming for Queen’s College but I’m very satisfied with what I got.  I was home looking at the newspaper at the top hundred when I got the news... I would like to thank my parents, teachers who worked extra hard with me. I’m happy for this. This is amazing. I want to become a doctor.


Achaica Bowman,  Hopetown Primary, 520 marks
I was excited and overjoyed when I got the news. My future goal is to go on to university and study abroad.  I worked very hard and stayed up late .. I cut out Tv and computer playing … I  want to thank God, my parents and my aunt for pushing me to revise and to pay attention to whatever was taught in school.


Emola Thom, Cotton Tree Primary, 518 marks
When I got the message I was excited, I didn’t know what to do. I credit God, my parents, grandparents and my teachers. I know without God it could not have been a success.


Marissa Arjune, Cotton Tree Primary, 515 marks
I was overjoyed when I got the results. I would like to thank God and my grandparents and especially my grandfather because he was all the time with me, with my homework… and my parents…I would like to become a doctor when I grow up.


Hosea Nedd, Hopetown Primary, 515 marks
I was extremely happy and I know that I would have done well because I studied very hard. I wish to thank God, my family and teachers of Hopetown Primary. retired teachers too, everyone.  I would urge others to cut out the bad behaviour, study hard, be more dedicated to their work and read a lot.


Ariela Webster, Hopetown Primary, 515 marks
I’m excited, very much since I gained 515 marks. The school I gained with that is St Stanislaus. I m very proud and thank the lord and my parents for working very hard with me, my teachers and my relatives for helping me with the hard work.


Andrea Lucas, Rosignol Primary, 514 marks
I’m very very excited; I’m overwhelmed because I never thought I would be in the top 10 for Region 5. I would Like to thank God, my parents, grandparents, and secondly my teachers.

Education Minister meets Region 5 top National Grade Six Assessment scorers

Georgetown, GINA, June 30, 2012 -- Source - GINA


Following the disclosure of the National Grade Six Assessment results, Education Minister Priya Manickchand has been reaching out to schools, to congratulate students and meet with parents and teachers.


Minister Manickchand today met with Region 5 top 10 candidates, their parents, well wishers, classmates and teachers at the Karamat Primary School, Mahaicony Creek, Region Five.

Minister Manickchand while addressing the gathering at a simple ceremony to honour the top 10 students of the region, underscored the importance of education for Guyana’s future development. 


The country’s education system, she said under several People’s Progressive Party Civic administrations, has been drastically transformed as a result of the introduction of prudent policies and programmes.     

                   Education Minister Priya Manickchand sharing a light moment with Region Five top 10 students who excelled at the National Grade Six Assessment, at the Karamat Primary School, Mahaicony Creek.


Testimony of successful outcomes of these programmes, she said is improved results of students at the primary, secondary and tertiary levels.

The National Grade Six Assessment results show the equitable spread of successful candidates from the across the country.

“We are very pleased that we did not see top students only coming from central Georgetown or from a concentrated area from the country. We have every single region securing a place in the top 100 positions in the country,” Minister Manickchand said.

Against this background, she urged parents and guardians to be more involved in their children’s life.     


“If you want your children to succeed in life you have to play an active role in their life now…be responsible parents…the Government cannot come into your homes and tell you when you should or should not allow your children to watch television or how much they can watch and how long… this is where responsible parenthood comes in,” Minister Manickchand.


Education Minister Priya Manickchand presents a gift to Region Five top Student, Andrew Edmon Persaud who excelled at the National Grade Six Assessment


She also used the opportunity to inform the gathering about the many other programmes being carried out in the education system to ensure that every child is afforded the opportunity to acquire an education, including the school feeding and uniform programmes and distribution of exercise and text books.         


She also elaborated on the investments being made by the administration annually to train more teachers, upgrade educational facilities and acquire new teaching materials.  


Minister Manickchand also presented the students gifts.      


The top 10 students of Region Five are: Edmon Persaud with 531 (Mortice Primary); Vevekeanan Ramnarace  525, Neatra Ramdeem 523, and Gitanjal Ramdat 522 all of Novar Primary; Achaica Bowman 520  (Hopetown Primary);  Emola Thom 518 and  Marissa Arjune 515 of Cotton Tree Primary, Hosea Nedd and Ariela Webster with 515 each, both of  Hopetown Primary and Andrea Lucas 514 of Rosignol Primary.

The National Grade Six Assessment was written on April 4-5, 2012 by 17,138 students at the primary level.

Prior to the examination, candidates would have also written the National Assessment in Grade 2 in 2008 and, Grade 4 in 2010.

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