20 Chicken Soup and Stews From Around the World

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Wonton Soup [China)Chicken soups and stews are a comforting, homey presence on tables from Latin America to Asia. Travel around the world with 20 of our best recipes inspired by global flavours and let them inspire you to stock up on some new ingredients.

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Wonton Soup (China)

Wonton Soup [China)Plump bites of pork wrapped in thin dumpling casings and set adrift on a steaming bowl of chicken soup is pretty much unbeatable in the winter chill. Once you get the hang of wrapping the wontons, try a variety of your favourite fillings: leafy greens or herbs, shrimp or mushrooms all work well.

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Potato-Sauerkraut Soup (Germany)

Potato-Sauerkraut Soup [Germany)Although we’ve attributed this savoury sauerkraut soup to Germany, it could easily have come from Poland, Ukraine or many other Eastern European countries with similar styled recipes. Duck confit takes rustic pierogies in a completely different direction, as does the truffle paste added to the chicken soup.

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