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18-yr-old stabbed to death after leaving Masjid


ADONIE Parbhoo, an 18-year-old lad from East La Penitence was last evening stabbed to death moments after walking out of a Masjid.

According to information reaching the Chronicle, the teen who works as a miner in the interior was attacked by three young men.

Relatives are pointing fingers to the sons of a distant relative. The man’s mother who spoke with this publication stated that her son came out of the interior because of the Ramadan period to observe his fasting.

Sources who have been able to see the remains of the man confirmed, late last night, that he received at least one stab wound to the region of the chest.

The Police are conducting their investigations into the incident and the Chronicle will bring you more on this story in Monday’s edition of our publication. (Leroy Smith)

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Originally Posted by Ramakant-P:

The Minister od security seems to be doing not so good a job.  There must have been dozens of witnesses that the police can use to conduct their investigations.   

Ayu hear from the "Crazy Glue" Minister of Cohesion???  Lad Ah Mercy. Jackasses runnuing a Country.  Dave Martins, who is the Jackass and who civilize.

Originally Posted by Sheik101:

Killings were happening in broad daylight even during the PPP"s time in office. I feel the reason for this is a lack of leadership. Naturally, Ramjattan and your hero Seelall are not up to the task. 


Look on de bright side man....dem kill wan fullahman in ramadan. allah tallah apparently can't even save yuh at de masjid.

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