14 Life-Changing Slow Cooker Hacks

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Slow cookers tend to conjure up images of soup, stew and chili — but this popular kitchen tool has a mecca of multi-purpose uses. From chewy triple chocolate brownies to decadent lasagna, these brilliant hacks will help you get the most out of your slow cooker, every time.

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Add Pasta, Cooked Beans and Dairy Last

Add Pasta, Cooked Beans and Dairy LastIngredients like pasta and cooked beans can turn mushy in the slow cooker if they are left unattended for too long, and dairy can curdle if it spends too much time over high heat. Always add these ingredients last to heat through without turning to mush.

Use a Plug-In Attachment for Perfect Results

Use a Plug-In Attachment for Perfect ResultsDespite the low cooking temperature, it's possible to overcook recipes in the slow cooker. Control cooking time and temperature by investing in a plug-in attachment if your slow-cooker does not have a programmable dial to eliminate guess work and ensure mouthwatering results.

Keep Food Warm

Keep Food WarmUse your slow cooker as a DIY heating station by plugging it in and placing it on the dinner table or where food is being served. This method is especially helpful if you plan on feeding a crowd and are worried about food getting cold before it’s ready to be eaten.

Don't Touch That Lid!

Don't Touch That Lid!Every time you remove the lid from your slow cooker, you can add up to 30 minutes of cooking time to your recipe, due to escaped heat. Unless a recipe calls for ingredients to be added mid-way through, always keep the lid of your slow-cooker on when it's in use.

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