Visit a Thai architect's edgy cluster of designer warehouses in Bangkok, Thailand.

Egge said: "Duangrit Bunnag, one of Thailand's most famous architects, transformed old warehouses into a library, a shop, a coffee bar, and two restaurants. One of them is 'The Never Ending Summer' where you can try Thai food with modern influences."

Shop in Het Industriegebouw in Rotterdam, Netherlands.

"Rotterdam is one of those cities you need to do a little bit of research before you go otherwise you'll end up in the main shopping streets and you miss the more hidden spots," Egge said. "Like Het Industriegebouw, a post-war building which now houses famous Dutch architect MVRDV and several restaurants and shops. Visit Groos if you want to shop for cool local design and art, and try By Jarmusch for all-day breakfast."

Dine in the glass houses of Cape Town's wine estates.

Dine in the glass houses of Cape Town's wine estates. Petite Passport

"Cape Town is the place to be this year because of the Zeitz Museum of Contemporary Art that is set to open in September," Egge said. "If you want to escape The Waterfront go to Babylonstoren, a wine-estate with a few rooms, for a delicious lunch."

Island hop on an expedition in Palawan, Philippines.

Island hop on an expedition in Palawan, Philippines.
Beach 91, Coron Island.
Flickr/Matt Kieffer

Award-winning food and travel blogger Anton Diaz of Our Awesome Planet told Business Insider: "The best islands are the undiscovered ones in between Coron and El Nido that you can only explore via an island hopping expedition. It's a back to basics, humbling encounter with nature."

Indulge in pintxos plates on a bar-hopping evening in San Sebastian, Spain.

Indulge in pintxos plates on a bar-hopping evening in San Sebastian, Spain. Our Awesome Planet/Anton Diaz

"San Sebastian is known for its pintxos culture," Diaz said. "The best way to experience it is to go on a bar-hopping food trip with your foodie friends. It's also the town with the highest concentration of Michelin stars and home of a trio of three-star Michelin restaurants."

Wander until you're lost in Istanbul's Grand Bazaar, Turkey.

Wander until you're lost in Istanbul's Grand Bazaar, Turkey.
Sultan Ahmed Mosque, Istanbul
Flickr/Pedro Szekely

"Istanbul is where Europe meets Asia, and is teeming with culture and experience thanks to its rich Ottoman history," Diaz said. "It's unforgettable going on your first cruise in the Bosphorus or experiencing authentic Turkish bath or getting lost in the Grand Bazaar."

Hunt for pirate treasure in Providencia, Colombia.

Hunt for pirate treasure in Providencia, Colombia. Shutterstock/Jess Kraft

Sam Katterfield, Editor at travel search platform HolidayPirates, told Business Insider:

"Henry Morgan used Providencia as a base for raiding the Spanish and it's rumoured some of his treasure is still buried on the island — making this the perfect holiday for a true pirate!"

Explore Ireland's ancient history in the Aran Islands in Galway Bay.

Niam Walsh, senior editor at HolidayPirates, said: "The island of Inis Mór is home to miles of hand-built stone walls, a prehistoric hill fort, and knitted woolly jumpers. Each year, the Red Bull Cliff Diving festival takes place at Serpent's Lair; a perfectly rectangular, naturally created pool overlooking the Atlantic Ocean."

Go for a cocktail in Yukon, Canada's ghost town — Dawson City.

Pauline Beneat, Senior Communications Manager at HolidayPirates, said: "This town used to be the epicentre of the gold rush, but now barely has 1,000 inhabitants. In the evening, go watch an old-school "Cancan show" at Diamond Tooth Gertie's Gambling Hall. If you're brave enough, head to the local saloon and order a Sourtoe cocktail — a notorious drink garnished with an amputated human toe!"

Watch out for wombats in Cradle Mountain, Tazmania.

Michael Reay, Editor at HolidayPirates, said: "Tasmania's unspoilt wilderness, spectacular views, and incredible wildlife makes it a place that simply has to be on your bucket list. Keep your eyes peeled when driving as wombats and pademelons have a habit of wandering into the road at inopportune moments!"

Stand under the bone chandeliers of Sedlec Ossuary, Czech Republic.

"Just a couple of hours on the train from Prague lies the town of Kutna Hora, whose star attraction is the slightly macabre Sedlec Ossuary," Reay said. "This Roman Catholic chapel is decorated with the bones of upwards of 40,000 people — a rather grisly but strangely compelling sight."

Heli-ski through Haines' breathtaking landscapes in Alaska, USA.

John-Lee Saez, Travel Expert at holiday comparison site Kayak, said: "Take a chopper at the dead end of Haines valley, climb up to a few hundred or thousand meters, and suddenly you see an endless natural playground in front of your eyes. You pick your slope and its angle, you pick your summit, you make your own trail while feeling like an ant in the immensity of the landscape."

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