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Experience the warm hospitality of Muscat's locals in Oman.

Experience the warm hospitality of Muscat's locals in Oman.
Royal Opera House Muscat, Oman.
Flickr/Andrew Moore

"As you walk the streets, you can't help but notice the diversity of its residents," said Dan Clarke, another community member at Passion Passport. "With an ever-growing international community, the food, stores, and clothing shift from street to street. It feels safe and welcoming for a capital city. The smiles appear friendly, not forced."

Visit the steaming mountain geysers of Kamchatka, Russia.

Visit the steaming mountain geysers of Kamchatka, Russia. Shutterstock/Vera KL82

Moscow-based photographer Murad Osmann is famous for his "Follow Me To" series on Instagram. He told Business Insider: "Kamchatka is a place where volcanoes sleep side by side with the vast Pacific Ocean. Go to Khalaktyrsky Beach to try your hand at surfing, rent a boat in Avacha Bay and sail to Cape Kekurny to look at the rockery of sea lions. Also be sure to hike to the famous volcanoes of Kamchatka."

Tour the "true face" of Xingping, China.

Tour the
Li River at sunrise, Xingping, China.
Nataly Osmann

"We revisited China recently β€” we barely slept because we wanted to see the most unique hidden places and catch the best light which appears at sunrise," Osmann said. "Some days we didn't have any mobile or network connection. However, we had a great tour guide, who helped us to see the 'true face' of the country."

Be transported back in time by Cuba's capital β€” Havana.

"The things you see with your eyes are completely different from what you see through the lens of the camera β€” thus Havana must be experienced to be understood, or even believed," Osmann said. "But national dances, narrow streets and retro cars, when experienced in the flesh, make this city feel like a magical myth transported from the 60s or 70s."

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Dance around the evening bonfires in Lijiang, China.

"Lijiang is a quaint town which rests in the shadow of huge snow-capped mountains," McDermott said. "Take a stroll along the cobblestone streets before stopping in Sakura Kim for a drink. Don't miss the bonfires and dancing that take place in the center of town at dusk, and make sure you arrange a hike up Jade Dragon Snow Mountain before you leave."

Sail to Pulau Lapang, Indonesia.

Sail to Pulau Lapang, Indonesia. Shutterstock/Dmitry Polonskiy

Stuart McDonald, Co-Founder of Australian company Travelfish, told Business Insider: "I hired a boat in Baranusa for the two hour trip out to the uninhabited island of Pulau Lapang. Within minutes of dropping over the edge into the fast-flowing crystal waters, I'd seen an Eagle Ray, turtle, and a fast school of tuna all above a healthy, vibrant coral reef. There probably wasn't another snorkeller within 30km of me."

Take a dip in the clear waters in Sumba, Indonesia.

Take a dip in the clear waters in Sumba, Indonesia.
Mandorak beach, West Sumba, Indonesia

"Forgotten, lost and/or ignored, Sumba's rich and varied ancient culture and stunning landscapes will have you wondering why you've never heard of it," McDonald said. "Don't make the mistake of assuming it is all just fancy-pants digs and beaches β€” there is far more to it."

Navigate the sunken pathways of Shwe Ba Taung's sandstone labyrinth in Myanmar.

Navigate the sunken pathways of Shwe Ba Taung's sandstone labyrinth in Myanmar. Shutterstock/anton_ivanov

"While Bagan gets all the attention, just a half day of travel away lies Shwe Ba Taung," McDonald said. "It was originally a flat sandstone outcrop, but deep, narrow pathways have been hacked out of the rock by hand. Some have taken to calling it Burma's Petra, but we think it is more of a Burmese take on Ethiopia's Lalibela."

ake part a hot air balloon safari over a nature reserve in Tanzania.

Travel blogger JohnnyJet, who was recently named ones of Forbes' Top 10 Travel Influencers for 2017, told Business Insider: "You have to get up super early to be there for sunrise but it's well worth it. Within the first five minutes, we saw elephants, zebras, hippos, impalas, hyenas, and two lionesses with a fresh kill."

Take a Robinson Crusoe-esque excursion to Tapuaetai in the Cook Islands.

"Tour operators take turns serving a fun and delicious lunch and then invite you to explore the small inhabited island," JohnnyJet said. "They even set up a post office to sell you postcards and stamps and will offer to put a huge barefoot stamp in your passport (I'm not sure that's legal for an island, not a nation, to do so I passed)."

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