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The US Ambassador recently said that free and fair elections are very important - or words to that effect. Did he say that just for for the sake of saying it or is it a signal that US (in fact ABC) support for the Coalition in the 2020 elections is not guaranteed?  If the latter, there may still be hope for the PPP after all. 

Dr Mark Devonish recently wrote a letter putting down Charles Ramson Jnr and pointedly praising Dr. Vindhya Persaud of the PPP (the late Reepu Daman Persaud's daughter).

Do any of you see her as a possible Presidential candidate?

Dr. Vindhay carries no political baggage and has zero affiliation with corruption. She is also VERY intelligent. The question is whether the grassroots are ready for a female president ? Hillary tried TWICE and failed.

Is she married?


Maybe not legally .................    !