Reply to "YOUR predictions for 2020 Guyana elections"

Quantum posted:

Thanks for your responses.  Now that the CCJ has ruled against a third term, we have to wait and see who makes it as the PPP presidential candidate.  Other variables re:

* If the election will be fair and free

* The attitude of the ABC countries

* The program, talent and charisma of the Presidential candidates

* as always, the effect of racial allegiances

* How things play out in the next two years.  In politics (and in Guyana too!) two years is a long time.

* The impact of other forces, like the talked about new Amerindian party and the DNC led by Mr. Craig Sylvester.  Mr Ramkarran recently called for a third force.  Again?!!




Quantum, those are excellent observations but all of it is irrelevant since PNC will rig. ABC countries did not speak out against the illegal appointment of a GECOM chairman.

PNC WILL rig in 2020.

Guyana needs free and fair elections for the democracy to grow despite the race issue at election time. 

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