Reply to "YOUR predictions for 2020 Guyana elections"

Prince posted:

1. Who will win? PNC

2. Rigged is a political claim that cannot be verified.

3. A PNC win = celebration.

4. A PNC loss = riot.

5. A PPP loss = guaranteed.  



When is a rigged election classified as a win? So, according to your logic, all the elections rigged to remain in power were wins. Also, can the same can be said for the last elections in Venezuela?

Quantum posted:

Who will win and why?  Will it be fair or rigged?  If rigged, what will be the reaction (and fallout) locally and abroad?  What will be the new political configuration afterwards.  At the individual level, who will be the big winners and losers?

Eager to hear your opinions.  After all, the election is just two year from now and, in another year, campaigning will begin or be in full swing actually.


If a fair elections was held, the coalition will be turfed out of power.. I think that this will not happen, there will be massive rigging and the PNC/APNU will be returned to power. The AFC is a shell with no support and will receive token seats in parliament if it should stay in the coalition. And, no, there will be no violence if the pnc/APNU stayed in power because ppp supporters and leadership are not so inclined.