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Reply to "Young White Terrorists!"

Stormborn posted:
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Ray posted:

Trump inspired

Really. It is shit like that that puts the quiet brown skin ppl at risk of being attacked by some white ppl.

Between CNN, you and those like you and the Colored politicians who every day have some nonense to vent about Trump and his white following. Is those avenues that constant speak of hate and promotes it that the whiteman have to listen to. 

All kinds of ppl of all colors lived in America for decades, but when the colored ppl start to attack white ppl verbally, they answer back.

Coloreds who aspire should adopt the Whitemans values. Anything less puts all colored ppl at risk.

You are really a dumb ass...what are white man's values? You you ever take stock of the western intellectual cannon and contemplate the contributions to it by other peoples? Western culture is a hybridization. The idea of white as a premium is a recent invention. Most of the world did not recognize have color lines to worth.

Your arguments are geared to fooling yuhself. White is ahright and rite. Try to convince the Guyanese electorate and see how brite they are.