Reply to "Young White Terrorists!"

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Two mass shootings within 24 hours. Looks like this 'thoughts and prayers' bullshit isn't working. 

the young white supremacists anonymously post their race vomit on 4Chan, telegraphing their depraved plans

meanwhile, anonymizing with the handle "Ksazma," you similarly make a point to 'evangelize' that "Blacks are the scourge of the world" and lose no opportunity to peddle derivative hate speech to a smaller, receptive crew of wannabe Klansmen on GNI

i wonder whose door you think the FBI will first knock on the next time some crazed racist opens fire on a Black Church congregation in your Florida neck of the woods?

we have your coordinates and we ah watch alyuh

Bai, wad de hell yuh doing. We Guyanese of all stripes gives our opinions with no malice- prejudice, yes. Be realistic. 

you regard Ksazma's "Blacks are the scourge of the world" as bearing "no malice-prejudice" . . . seriously?

i understand that you are a pretty old dude . . . thank gawd Satan comes soon for your corrupt, condemned soul