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Reply to "Yamaha Tyros 4"

Originally Posted by Sunil:

I will check out some other brands/ models. I like this one has it a database of over 1000 popular songs from the 60's onwards and you can download others. Something to fool around with when I got friends over.

Hello Sunil,


How is the Tyros 4 working out? I am taking it that you did get that model and having a blast with it.


I have been using the Yamaha PSR S-950 for about 3 years now and I am amazed by what this unit can produced.


I have been dabbling with creating my own Yamaha Styles as backing music and have been moderately successful. Have you gone down that path to create your own Yamaha Style files for the Tyros 4? The Tyros 4 and the S-950 style files can be shared but it might need some re-voicing based on the instruments used in creating the style file parts.


I would love to collaborate with you or any other keyboardist on GNI to enhance my knowledge in this area.


My genre is mainly around Indian / Bollywood music, including North Indian Classical. Because of the uniqueness of the Indian ethnic instruments (tabla, sitar, basuri, dholak, dhol, harmonium) and the complex structure of tabla / dholak beats, it is quite a challenge to develop backing music using an Arranger like the Tyros or S-950.


Like the Tyros - the S-950 has Indian ethic sounds built into it and there are several Indian drum kits available to use.


I would love to get some thoughts from you or any other GNIer on this topic.






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