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History taught us that politicians are thieves, but why Cheddi Jagan died a poor man? 

Was he nieve, stupid, or afraid to take money that doesn't belong to him? 



He was a cane cutter's son, and his parents instilled strong values in him.

I don't think his father was a cane cutter. I was too young to understand when the older folks would say things like he was Janet's puppet. 

EA and them were neighbors in Port Morant. I'll call E and ask him. 

Biography of Dr. Cheddi Jagan

Growing Up

Dr. Jagan with his mother, Bachoni
Dr. Jagan with his mother, Bachoni.

Cheddi Jagan was born on March 22, 1918 on a sugar plantation in Port Mourant, Berbice, the son of indentured sugar workers. His parents Bachoni (mother) and Jagan (father) had arrived in the then British Guiana as young infants with their mothers from the district of Basti in Uttar Pradesh, India. Both his grandmothers came as indentured immigrants in 1901 and were "bound" by five year contracts to different sugar plantations in the county of Berbice. Life was very hard and both his parents had to start working in the canefields at a young age to supplement the family income.

His mother never went to school, but his father was a bit more fortunate, attending school for three years! Because his father worked very hard, he earned the reputation of being the best canecutter and was promoted to "driver." But still his pay was very small and because he was non-white there was no further avenue of promotion. He thus saw the need for formal education, and made sure that his son, Cheddi Jagan attended school.

Dr. Jagan's father
Dr. Jagan's father, Jagan


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