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Reply to "Widow who lost home to fire appeals for help to rebuild"

Bibi Haniffa posted:
Django posted:
Baseman posted:
Amral posted:
Prashad posted:

I am ready to send my 20 US who do I send it to.

Check with Django

Django, how can I get some cash to you for this cause?

Baseman and Prash ,you guys want to mail or use moneygram, will provide telephone no or address via PM.

Dude.  You need to learn how things work in Guyana.  All that has to be done is you go on the moneygram website and fill out the necessary information.  It takes a Minute to do this.  You will receive a REF # which you give to Chandroutie.  She goes to moneygram and they give her the money when she presents her ID card.

There is a moneygram in Central Mahaicony not far from Airy Hall.  She knows where it is.

It’s works all over the world like that.  Same as WU!  Relax yuhself!