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Widow who lost home to fire appeals for help to rebuild

Widow who lost home to fire appeals for help to rebuild

Jan 06, 2020, News, Source -- Kaieteur News, https://www.kaieteurnewsonline...for-help-to-rebuild/

The pain of losing a home is difficult to endure, says 53-year-old Dularie Lall of Mahaicony, East Coast Demerara.

After the death of her husband, Mrs. Lall was left to raise six children on her own.

The home under fire.

Now she finds herself once again in a trying situation after her home, which she had occupied for over 20 years, went up in flames.

The mishap occurred on the December 16, 2019 at Novar, Mahaicony.

At the time, Mrs. Lall was at home with her four younger children.
Speaking with this publication yesterday, an emotional Ms. Lall recounted watching the home in which she had lived with her husband, go up in flames.

The family was unable to save anything.

According to the distraught woman, she and her children are presently seeking shelter at the home of her eldest daughter, who lives two villages away. While she is grateful for the assistance, the home is too small for so many occupants.

Mrs. Lall is appealing to the public to assist the family to rebuild their home.

“Whatever you have you can give me, due to my situation I am accepting. If you don’t have money to donate that is not a problem, please send some clothes and a mattress so that the children can have something to lie down on when night come.”

Mrs. Lall and her children

“I am willing to go and look for a work but I lately did a surgery and the doctors advised me to stay out of the night due and to avoid lifting heavy objects.”

I get a big son but he ain’t working either because he was born with a condition. I really need some help to build back my house, I am asking if you can send some zinc sheets and even some boards for me to at least start the construction. And I believed that once it’s started it will finish.”

According to reports, Ms. Lall was asleep in her home when she felt her hand burning.

Upon waking up, she saw flames inside her bedroom and immediately raised an alarm.

“When I woke up and see the fire the only thing I could have done is get my children and get out of that building.”

Kaieteur New publisher Glenn Lall is willing to donate GYD$100,000 with the aim of starting the rebuilding process.

The family can be contacted on telephone numbers 592-600-9937 and 592-621-1050.

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