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Jagdeo get and forget

March 29, 2015 | By | Filed Under Dem Boys Seh, Features / Columnists, News 

What Ebola doing to Africa and what HIV doing to mankind, is equal to what Jagdeo doing to Guyana. He destroying Guyana. Wuss yet, he destroying de people and he got he friend bringing in de drugs fuh cure dem.
Donald Dumb Dum—de man wid three Ds not three Ps—can’t see what Jagdeo doing to he plus de Pee Pee Pee. He is a disaster. Everything he plan and execute, dead just like if dem face a firing squad.
Nothing that he plan was transparent; everything was done in secrecy—even he mansion he build.
He put he hand pun Skeldon and only yesterday, he tell de nation at a press conference that he can’t remember putting in US$200 million in de plant and it still ain’t wukking. This is de biggest investment Guyana ever see and it got de whole of Berbice walking wid dis goadie.
He sign de airport expansion contract secretly for US$150 million. In de contract, dem boys see that he paying $452,000 each fuh 69 toilet.
De Diamond Housing Scheme is another place. If you visiting a friend, you better walk. Two car can’t pass one another pun de road. You got to stop to allow one to pass but two combine can drive through de gate to he mansion.
He run out Delta, de biggest airline in de world fuh bring in he friend Easy Come Easy Go.
De Berbice Bridge mekking money to pay Jagdeo friends but not NIS which can’t even pay de poor people who put in dem hard-earned money.
He is de man who allow FIP fuh flip out of Guyana wid millions of US dollars.
He give he best friends Babbie, all de drug contracts worth billions of dollars since he was Finance Minister.
He government give he friend, Babbie, millions of dollars to maintain de Learning Channel. On to now Guyana don’t know how much GPC sell for and if any money was paid.
Sanata Complex gone to he friend, Babbie, and people don’t know how much money, if any, was paid.
He allow de transfer of television to Babbie and allow he to expand countrywide when nobody else was allowed to do it.
Days before he lef office he give Babbie five radio frequencies. He also lef instruction that Babbie get a telecommunication licence.  Babbie try fuh get Bourda ground but dem boys ketch up wid him and he run. This is only de tip of Jagdeo’s iceberg and Donald Dumb Dum still can’t see that he and all wouldn’t have space in Guyana.
Dem boys seh that one of de basic differences between God and Man is, God gives, gives and forgives.
But Man gets, gets, gets and forgets; just like how Jagdeo get, get, get, get and forget he wife.
Talk half and hope that Donald Dumb Dum don’t get and forget.

Nice Chief!

Nice remider of who is fighting t0 get back into power.