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Reply to "we can make a difference"

Originally Posted by Cobra:
It takes supporting membership to change, add or remove a moderator, and replace him him with someone with maturity and neutrality. A moderator must understand the forum rules and should not engaged in unprofessional conduct displayed on moving forward.

I personally don't dislike Ray. I dislike the way he conducted himself as a moderator. Favoritism is never good for any forum like GNI.

The last time we discuss this topic, most of you show your support for Ray. If you have a chance of heart today, please let me know.



Cobra Bhai,


Let me take this opportunity as a senior member of GNI to express my opinion on this matter.


Posters should not run and complain to Amral all of the time. In fact, Amral should take this opportunity to expose the complainers and whiners.


I have had a change of heart on Ray.


He does behave like a dictator and allow his friends to get away with anything and everything on his board without any recourse. In fact, the very thread in which he decided to "set it straight" is full with his friends posting and attacking at will without recourse.


Supporters of APNU/AFC want to see opposition posters banned from GNI. They swear, attack and get away with anything that they so wish without recourse.


A moderator must be impartial and MODERATE.


Ray being an openly and admitted PNC supporter, allows his biases to get in the way of his good judgement. He cannot be a moderator and poster with a bias simultaneously.


GNI is now like a forum where it is open season to attack opposition posters. The lack of adherence of rules and conformity of rules must be fully placed on Ray.


Ray is responsible for this degradation on GNI.


A few threads personally attacking Senior Member DG was left to degrade and blatant attacks by many AFC/PNC posters.


Amral must appoint a second moderator like Cobra from the opposition benches to bring balance and end this dictatorship and lack of leadership by Ray.


I wish to openly express my no confidence in Ray.



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