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Reply to "We are vindicated” – Jagdeo says on H2H registration ruling"

Baseman posted:
ronan posted:

do Anil and rat know what the CJ (ag) means by “qualified persons” on the list who cannot be removed from the list because they may be temporarily away from the jurisdiction at the time H2H is done?

do they realize that “residency” is part of the LAW governing eligibility to vote in Guyana? . . . and that the Court’s ruling in this matter did NOT and cannot ‘disappear’ that qualification

i am surprised at the galloping ignorance of Ralph Ramkarran

No yuh rass, people on vacation or on extended stay should not disqualify them!

idiot, READ! again what i said . . . not what you wish or hope i said

hint: “temporarily” away from the jurisdiction is not disqualifying

not having “residency” is