Reply to "Volda Lawrence urges supporters to be vigilant at close of polls"

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I see like someone trying to paste lipstick...a shame them nah gat.

Noticeably you are taunting a poster ,is that how topics are discussed ? There are always two sides to a story. Keep on trotting ,you are free to post any thing from the party supported ,some can be considered as spam .Seems members of this forum aren't free to do so, without some form of ridicule.

GNI has spam?  As determined by who or what?  Django, Your high level of crotchetyness deem you unfit for this Moderator job.  Your one sidedness mek it worse.

 Not to mention the fact that you are discussing posters personal business with other posters.  

You do not have the personal integrity or business ethics to perform this task.  You should be fired.

 Yes Forum do have spamming .

Which Orbuculum consulted ?  Quite interesting in your last statement.

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