Reply to "US Ambassador throwing some SERIOUS SHADE at dirty Jagdeo-Ramotar regime for sheltering Criminal fugitives from US Justice . . . Roger Khan anyone??"

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Dave posted:

Those police officers are not new, some were employed in the police force with 20 plus years of experience... these same officers took the same oath on the first day of employment, why did they fail to execute the same duty during PPP government. ( we all know, 99 % are Afro who is align to PNC) 

Guyanese are not dummies, they knew the police force was control by PNC

Congress Place used to tap into the police radio frequency during PPP government and was redirecting police officers allowing the criminals to escape. 

Capturing of fugitive and drugs lord came with the help of the DEA which opens it office in 2016.

The idea of a local base DEA office was done under PPP government led by Bharrat Jagdeo in 2009 who called for such a office in Guyana. 

Jagdeo also  asked the US to expand its Mérida Initiative for Mexico and Central America to the Caribbean, during a Caricom meeting with US officials and his argument then was that the crackdown in Mexico could push drug traffickers into the Caribbean, which lies directly between the South American source of many illegal drugs and the US, the world’s top consumer,”.

DaVE the PPP always rejected teh setting up of the DEA in GY

banna, despite his compulsion to post kwame shyte, 'Dave' knows that

but it is in the DNA of a certain class of PPP soldier to brazenly LIE, MISINFORM, DISINFORM and RACEBAIT in service to the 'cause'

calling him out is a waste of time