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Reply to "Tower Suites co-owner held in Jamaica for drug trafficking -to be extradited to US"

Django posted:

Me thinks your perception is wrong, i will say all of the Afros on this forum condemns their kind who are wrong doers, there is not many on this forum.

Ayuh does misinterpret these guys.

Don't bother with Dave, he lil nervous today.

Ronan has started threads critical of the Coalition govt several times.
Carib, Ronan and myself condemned and criticized Volda's behavior
Caribj has been critical of Granger too. I am the least critical of Granger
None of us defend Royston King, each happy that he was caught.
...and more.

A stark contrast to the PPP acoloytes here who defend major CRIMINAL acts and TEEFING over the PPP's 23 years rule.

Under the Coalition govt, another MAJOR drug dealer has gone down! And a black one at that. SOCU will be all over his assets. Note the years this drug dealer operated with IMPUNITY in Guyana, accquiring major real estate. Three years into the Coalition govt. this drug dealer has gone down.

Rome wasn't built in a day!

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