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Reply to "Tower Suites co-owner held in Jamaica for drug trafficking -to be extradited to US"

ronan posted:
Zed posted:

Just wondering whether the old days are still here  -that some are untouchable in Guyana 

obviously NOT!

DEA in da house!

Raja in Jail

Big Head in US shackles . . . headed to jail

Cash Jet pilot in jail

plenty more can't travel where they want to, and keeping very, very low profile

we know who they are

'business' not good . . . plenty heavy shipments getting skin up

notice some local real estate fire sales . . . hmmm?

wan wan dutty build dam

Burnham and Hoyte protected the PNC thugs who cheat and robbed the public. That's the reason no one could have done anything. Besides, they would send thugs to burn your house down.