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Reply to "Tower Suites co-owner held in Jamaica for drug trafficking -to be extradited to US"

Dave posted:
Django posted:
Labba posted:

Hey hey hey...Yea...Waddel biggest beef was dem coolie peopkle was tekkin over blackman space foh push. I see de man pon tape pon de PNC channel HGTV 9 frettin bout de coolie warria Rajah. Waddel beef was dat Jagdoe give two coolie man freedom foh push and dem tek de blackman space. Ayoo always remember de one lover army gat dem there too. Hey hey hey...

Hey hey Labba, here is something to ponder on, after Desmond Hoyte uplift the ban on food items and free up the economy,.The Indo boys switch to Beer, fuel and other items smuggling,one was the white stuff.Them smart Afros eventually get in the business,from then on fight for turf begins.By the way take a look at the mules, you will get the idea who brings in and who are the movers.

NOT only the Indo boys Django, Blacks were at the beginning stage with Indians in smuggling . Fighting for the turf has nothing to do with smuggling. 

Fighting for the turf: Guyana don’t have a large population that consume the drugs, there was no need as such for fighting. 

It was the bad pay master, the drug lords would lend money to businesses, who can’t pay up in time or wants to be dishonest, face the barrel.

Ok, thanks for clarifying.

I had already left, that business was not so big when i was there.

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