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Reply to "Tower Suites co-owner held in Jamaica for drug trafficking -to be extradited to US"

Dave posted:
Django posted:


You are being facetious to append "Indian" Lovell photo.Both races are in that trade, most of the booming real estate are linked to money laundering.

Watch out more will be apprehended.

I have been saying BOTH race are in the trade but the blacks on this forum don’t see that. 

According to blacks only Indian is involved in Drugs and have big mansion. 

I want to see more of the BIG fish get apprehend by the current government, not the small guys. 

Feel bad for this guy below ( his house is burned), but look who also owns big houses and it’s in Sophia.

Me thinks your perception is wrong, i will say all of the Afros on this forum condemns their kind who are wrong doers, there is not many on this forum.

Ayuh does misinterpret these guys.