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Reply to "Tower Suites co-owner held in Jamaica for drug trafficking -to be extradited to US"

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You are being facetious to append "Indian" to Lovell photo,local and regional authorities was also involved in his arrest.Both races are in that trade, most of the booming real estate are linked to money laundering.

Watch out more will be apprehended.

Facetious is a mild word. Indentureship was abolished  a long time before he was born but he is still shackled to his racist mentality. I don't think making dua for  him can help.

Would you like to join me on Sunday Nov 4th @ Iskcon Temple.  When did you become a Hindu?  No thanks. I avoid cults.

All of us have racialism in us, maybe I display it more, but I have suffered and have marks on my body for this reason.    More the reason not to be a racialist. I do not have your frame of reference. I disagree with you that "all of us has racialism in us";  Perhaps some form of prejudice. Anyway, your posts tends to denigrates blacks. If you say you are not a racist, then your posts  are a form of explicit, conscious prejudice.

Do I hate blacks, absolutely no. I give back to them in abundance, but somehow the vision of those days left in me. That's not for me to judge. It's between you and your conscience.

Anyhow happy Kartik, hope you keep that light burning in your home .. I do. 


See my response in red.

I worship with a light. I have Muslim relatives and they light candles during their prayer services.