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VishMahabir posted:
Mars posted:

Guyana real jokie. Dem policeman prappuh wutliss

When the top cop does this, what do you expect from the ranks? The man applied to himself for a license, granted the approval to himself and then wrote a letter to himself informing him that he approved the license. Beat that!


Since you post this...let me ask...what is the big deal? 

The man has been in a profession which requires him to use guns all his life and he did say that he is going to start a business upon retirement. 

I am sure all dem ministers got guns and arm guards to boot. 

By him approving permission he made it legal, rather than acting like some of the crooked policemen Guyana has who continue to prey on innocent unsuspecting people. He was not trying to hide it. 

You should be more concerned about Vice-President Ramjattan’s response when he was asked about this. He said “haul you ass”. 

So Knucklehead, you should take Ramjattan’s advise and “haul...


You’re a “nonpatriotic” Knucklehead so I don’t expect you to understand what’s wrong with this.