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Reply to "“They’re not getting rid of me just like that” – Jagdeo declares"

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But when life ends, I think it is better to go home with whatever remained. 

Bai, the only thing that matters to you when you go home is if you are carrying this or not. 

Ksazma where do you stand with Shia islam because they seem to honor Muhammed and his family. The Aga Khan is a direct descendant of the Prophet Muhammed

Bai, I don't have any issue with any sect of the Muslim faith. In fact, I don't have any issue with anyone of any faith. To each his/her own. I just mess with Christian preachers because I see them as pompous and deceitful. Take my buddy Keith for instance. He claimed that he wasn't creating a Sermon thread. Yet, all he has done on that thread is post sermons. Siggy aint pompous because he is not a real preacher. 

Once, my Nigerian Pastor insisted that it is honoring to evangelize.

And I must do it.

I said, "I ain doing it. My relationship wid God, Jesus and The Apostle Paul is a very personal one, and I doan have to tell anybody about it."

"But it is requested", He replied.

"It is so", I agreed.

"However, Jesus and Paul are from the Tribe of Benjamin, and convinced I am Benjamite-a hard headed people."

"Why you think so?" 

After pausing, he continued, "And yuh Jewish?"

"Because I had a vision when I was Baptized. I have seen an Angelic Being and Believed it to be Lord Jesus." 

"Wow! some men all their lives never have a vision, and you had one."

"Yuh know Brother P---------, I believe yuh."

Then I said, "I am puzzled why me, I have been waiting for a very long time for my calling. It ain happening. But I feel it will come."

"Yuh must give ur testimony this Sunday". He insisted again. 

My reply, "That is like mini-preaching. And I doan believe I should do that. It is better to listen rather than to venture to speak on behalf of God, unless He let the words flow from within me."

Hurriedly he said, "Trust the Holy Spirit."

Anyway, we have to leave for downtown.

The next Sunday after service, I greeted the Pastor. 

He said Brother P------, I told the whiteman about Jesus and he told me to f.u.c.k off.

My reply, "It is only an expressive word."

Some men will curse Christ, some will say terrible things about those who carry forward His message. Such men are fools. Words, regarless of languages is considered by the heart and is recieved, with God being the ultimate decerner. If the heart pays homage with the Godly words formed by the tongue He has given to man to speak to false gods, then time will tell.