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Reply to "The Sin Scam"

antabanta posted:
seignet posted:

For those who have untold wealth, the more they give the more they are blessed with increases, not only money, but in good health and the joy of comfort in family. 

Those who hold the places of priests and uses the gifts to the Lord for ungodly means, they will not escape his wrath when judgement comes. 

They condemn themselves. The Bible has instances where it occurs. 

Unscrupulous ppl been around for ages. 

Aha! So there is a condition to giving. Bear with me, brother while I slowly gain understanding. So... the condition to giving is that you receive something in return, blessings, and the amount of these blessings is proportionate to how much you give? And why do you need blessings?

I refer you to 1 Corinthians 2:9 

For those who love God, honour opens His store house.

God know the heart and He says it is a place of love and hate. He certainly will know the real intent of the heart.

Take ur heart for example, it expresses your sentiments towards those who freely give of their money and time. Why you would be upset about that only the Almighty knows the real reason. Only you can come up with idea that people can bribe God. He ain a Guyanese politicans yuh know, though they temporay live in the clouds. 

Nobody stopping you to storeup your bounty in the wharehouse you can build. Others build churches and support Churches to spread the teachings of a righteous living. And God has a real great big store house fuh dem.