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Reply to "The Sin Scam"

antabanta posted:
Keith posted:
How do the ministry and staff members serve people? Of course God loves a cheerful giver.... so do all the bloodsuckers.

Churches have various ministries such as but not the same for every church as mention below:

Disaster Relief Benevolent Team – determining the assistance that the church can give to people in an emergency situation.

Disability ministry: While all churches are called to minister to those in physical need, serving those affected by disability provides life-changing help to those often neglected by others.

Missions and Outreach - The Missions and Outreach Core Ministry is responsible for Christian programs directed toward, and in financial support of, individuals and communities in need both locally and around the world.

Adult Discipleship - The Adult Discipleship Core Ministry is responsible for providing opportunities for education and spiritual formation through classes, small groups, and other opportunities for spiritual growth.

These are just a few ministries listed with numerous staff members showing where tithes goes to support and grow these ministries.

Marketing. You are saying that people are compelled to pay a tenth of their income to support the church's marketing campaign to recruit more people to ante up their tithes. Governments are responsible for disaster relief. There is a multitude of resources available for the disabled from governments, health insurance, etc.

Does the ministry and staff not provide any religious services/benefits to their congregation?

I am saying tithes is to help support the place of worship and the body (people) of the church. Without those support who will do it? You expect the Government to step in and pay the mortgages, utilities and the beautification, such as repainting/landscaping or repairs of the churches?

You would probable be the first in the protest line if the government decided to do it