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Reply to "The PPP and Guyanese Indians: Malcolm Harripaul’s masterpiece of political analysis"

caribny posted:
ronan posted:

for context . . . there was a bestial pogrom against Indian people by afro terrorists at Wismar in 1964

i have NEVER heard any Afro-Guyanese here characterize that event as a "lie" or cuss those referencing it as KKK or racists


This is it.  The narrative of "black man bad, Indian good, so black man must apologize" is what dominates the narrative.

Look at all of those people screaming that Granger must be inclusive when the same ones had NOTHING to say when the PPP was running Guyana as if it was a province of India.  Not only did they deny that this was happening but the screamed "Indian Holocaust".

So where there is evidence that, contrary to what the narrative in Guyana is, that Burnham started racism in Guyana, we see that it was the BGEIA which began the ethnic competition for dominance.  When thus fact is pointed out where hear screams of "Indian Genocide".

There is a DIRECT line between the behavior of the BGEIA in 1924 and that of the PPP between 2000-2015.

Found another Report of Balancing the GPF and Public Service,Forbes Burnham requested which the PPP boycotted from attending the Inquiry.

good read,will post later.

It was mentioned Racism was exacerbated in the 60's by both the PNC and PPP.The two major races weren't so much polarized before that period.

Also mentioned after India got Independence,Nehru said, East Indian Immigrants of British Colonies shouldn't look to India,pledge allegiance to the Country they reside.

Our Historians fail to mention such in their narratives.

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