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Reply to "The PPP and Guyanese Indians: Malcolm Harripaul’s masterpiece of political analysis"

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Immigration stopped because Gandhi felt the treatment of Indians were poor in the colonies yet many Indians went to Africa working in building the railroads.

You all cannot have your cake and eat it too.  You scream that indenture was as bad as slavery which is why India stopped it.  The BGEIA tried to fool the gov't of India that life in BG was great and that Indians should migrate there, even when not needed for work on the estates.

The goal of the BGEIA was to have an Indian population which outnumbered the African and colored populations. They wanted this so that they would dominate BG if universal suffrage were to be implemented.

If Venezuelans swamped Guyana in 2018 and then demanded to dominate that country because of higher numbers I bet you will object.  So try to see it from the point of view of those who were in BG in 1924.  They were NOT going to allow their interests to be compromised and to be ignored because an immigrant group outnumbered them.


You on to something that have some merit,the Luckhoo-Noonan Scheme may have triggered the division,between the two major ethnic group of Guyana.

I haven't got time as yet to read up on the old documents during that period.

Bull shit or yuh falling for this chap koolaid. Drink it and you are dead to good reasoning just like him. Don't go where angels fail to tread.