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Reply to "The PPP and Guyanese Indians: Malcolm Harripaul’s masterpiece of political analysis"

Django posted:

It was mentioned Racism was exacerbated in the 60's by both the PNC and PPP.The two major races weren't so much polarized before that period.

Also mentioned after India got Independence,Nehru said, East Indian Immigrants of British Colonies shouldn't look to India,pledge allegiance to the Country they reside.

Our Historians fail to mention such in their narratives.

The mere fact that Guyana descended into a violent civil war shows that people were very polarized.  Their feelings were subjugated but it was a quick trigger for all of this distrust to quickly manifest into dehumanizing violence.   The trigger was the impending departures of the colonialists, which opened up space for Indian vs. black (and maybe mixed) conflict to occur.  The colonial authorities kept both subjugated but their absence then meant that conflict began to occur. Each seeing Guyana as a zero sum game.

It is clear that the BGEIA did NOT see British Guiana as a multi ethnic/cultural/religious space where various groups should engage in mutually beneficial interactions.  They saw BG as a colony which Indians must numerically dominate.  And there were even wiling to pretend as if horrendous abuse of Indian indentures wasn't occurring.  This so that they could entice more Indians to migrate, not necessarily as indentures.

The fact that India felt compelled to tell Indo Caribbean people (and others) to shift their gaze from India in fact strengthens my contention that Indians did NOT see their place within a context of a multi ethnic/cultural/religious society.  Instead saw themselves as a separate "nation" sharing some "real estate" with other groups, but not having any interest in cooperation.  In fact continuing to see their role as carving out a piece of India in a piece of real estate located in South America.

D2 wanted an in depth discussion of Indo Guyanese cultural and ethnic identities, and how these melded into that of a diverse nation. He was called an Indian Hater, and a man who demanded an Indian Holocaust.

Why is it that the same people who will call Granger and Indian Hating Racist and daily scream that he is turning Guyana into an African nation, become hysterical whenever issues of Indian attitudes towards non Indians is raised. Attempt to discuss the Indian role in our ethnic tensions and people melt down into irrationality.

Well until Indians start having an intelligent debate on this we will not move forward.

So just as people demand that the PNC and blacks as a whole cease their paranoid behavior towards Indians you need to discuss what Indians should be doing to enable them to stop doing this.  It is as clear as day where the root causes of black paranoia towards Indians came from.