Reply to "The PPP and Guyanese Indians: Malcolm Harripaul’s masterpiece of political analysis"

Baseman posted:
D2 posted:

The Luckoos wanted to ensure immigration continues. The BEGIA came on line in the same year as the end of indentureship. It was initiated by the ruhomon brothers to consolidate and conserve Indian cultural identity. 

Poor Caribj. He so paranoid about black peoples future.  He so obsessed with anything Indians do. The Banna getting bazidy in his old age.   He needs to take the chill pill.  

Baseman if Indians don't want to live in a multi ethnic society, where yes they will HAVE to be concerned with blacks, then they must return with due haste to India.

Now if it is that they wish to live in Guyana they need to understand the following.

1.  30% self identify as African/black, 20% as mixed 10% as Amerindians, which means that 60% do NOT identify as Indians.  Now do Indians want to live in a society like this where it is clear that all groups will need to engage each other in a mutually beneficial manner?

2.  Guyana is 65% Christian and just under 10% Muslim.  Now do Hindus want to live in a society like this where people of many faiths have to mutually engage each other?

What is clearly evident is that there isn't much of a future if Indians think that they can ignore the 60% who aren't Indian, nor can Hindus ignore the the almost 75% who aren't Hindu.

Now run along in your little corner thinking that you do yourself a favor by thinking that clannish behavior suits the interests of Indians and of Hindus.  Clearly it doesn't.