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Reply to "The PPP and Guyanese Indians: Malcolm Harripaul’s masterpiece of political analysis"

caribny posted:
seignet posted:

Burnham considered Pan-Africanism and so did every black person. One could have felt the transformation of the country.

Multi-ethnic society does not mean everybody has to be of the same mind.

Funny how the "Afro centrist" Burnham installed TWO Hindu holidays in Guyana. Hindus got ONE holiday in T&T.   In Guyana Christians only get two (the same as Hindus). In T&T they get THREE.

Now were Burnham the Indian hater that you scream he is Guyana would have NO Hindu holidays.  Ash Wednesday would be a holiday, as in Jamaica.  And to rub it in he would have Whit Monday as in Barbados and Antigua.

Is you who hate burnham, abie looove burnham. He use to gi abie free food and free electricity and free waata and kool-aid wid cassava bread and sol buttah!  He used to gi abie free plastic shoe, crimplie shutt and grabadeen pants. Just ask Nehru!!

Burnhan was an hoooooonerable man. 

He put coolie pon tap and Alyuh Black people pon the bottom.  Good fuh alyuh, alyuh like vote fuh blackman too qik!  Now look, dem coolie bais guh gi Harmon wan lil coolie gyaal, he guh screw she and he guh screw all ayuh black people....and coolie pon tap again!  Ayuh nevva kech sense!

Burnham was an hoooonerable man!

Now, you need to stop blackening abie hero name!

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