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Reply to "The PPP and Guyanese Indians: Malcolm Harripaul’s masterpiece of political analysis"

Labba posted:
ronan posted:
Labba posted:
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seignet posted:

So, what is your point. About 4 generation passed away since, and you still cursed with the lie that Indians wanted to take over a British Colony which was no way considering to be given independence or dominion status because the natives were blacks.

Did you not read the Ravi Dev article posted by Ronan earlier in this thread? Dev, who is far from sympathetic to Afro Guyanese, detailed the plans to establish Guyana as an Indian country and to flood it with Indians via the agenda of the BGEIA. How can you call this a lie when there is factual historical evidence for it?

I think this is a big part of the political mistrust and tension between blacks and Indians, don't you think?

Hey hey hey...soh ayoo bringin in dem Haitian blackman dem or wa? Ayoo plannin and schemin? And seeing coolie jumbie, bacoo, moon gazer, doopy and all dem? Hey hey hey...

Seignet pan he knees seh is a lie

Baseman snarling and cussin seh is lie

Ravi Dev with he haan pan the Gita seh is true

Labba, in crisis, running around with he brain pan lock down asking anybody who care to listen if they want to sample rotten red herring

fascinating . . . ah goin and microwave some popcorn

Hey hey hey...yu is a true Kean Gibsonite along wid de black bai KKK CaribJ. Ayoo rising up ole 19 century coolie bacoo, ole higue and moon gazer foh justify ayoo anti-coolie apartheid government under de one lover, church goer, do gooder, jesus prayin President Granger. Ayoo only hiring ayoo mattie blackman...anyhow yu go to yuh chuch and speak in tongues dis weekend...hey hey hey... 

when you run out of facts, when the 'intellectual' ile can pan empty . . .  alyuh MO is pelt couple random cuss, preferably loaded up with race slander, and slink away

uh huh

and actually mr labba, the events are nearly a hundred years old but still 20th Century!

maths likely not your strong point

try keep up

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