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Reply to "The PPP and Guyanese Indians: Malcolm Harripaul’s masterpiece of political analysis"

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mveldt Massacre, coming so soon after the Amritsar Massacre in India in April 1919, led to loud protests in India and a decision was taken to shelve the Colonisation Scheme thereby preventing the likelihood of Indians becoming two thirds of the population and the Africans becoming a small minority, as was the objective of J. A. Luckhoo and other Indian scholars who had supported the scheme.


Malcolm Harripaul 11-19-99

NB: First written in November 1999 and revised in January 2003

And here we see the real motives about the Indian Colonization plan.

Shut up your stupid ass, racist pig!

Indians just like sexing up dem wifey and mekking nuff nuff pickneys, a tradition brought from India.  There was no master plan to colonize anyone!

baseman, you need to ease up on the hysterics whenever facts do not fit neatly with received wisdom regarding the genetics of racial suspicion and conflict in Guyana

the BGEIA did have a project proposal to colonize Guyana with Indians from the sub continent

that was a century ago, but it is not a lie

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