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Reply to "The PPP and Guyanese Indians: Malcolm Harripaul’s masterpiece of political analysis"

caribny posted:
Django posted:

Guyana's polarization of the two major races,fighting for turf came when Jagan and Burnham entered politics.

It will be disingenuous to link Luckhoo-Nunan Scheme with present day politics.

Just my two cents.

In fact this race for dominance came long before Burnham and Jagan, which is why it was possible, because the seeds were already there.

If importing labor was the main focus then sources of labor closer to Guyana would have been tapped.  Bringing people all the way from India under the terms that Luckhoo wanted was expensive.  So what was his motive for this singular source?

I will disagree with the highlighted statement,from what i read there were no race dominance between the locals,the Plantation Owners were in control.There were not many Associations,notably there was the BGEIA and the Sugar Producers Association.

Regarding to tap of labor from the Caribbean,that will be for another research.After the ban on Indian Indentured Labor,Immigrants was sought from the coast of Africa.

Also after Emancipation of Slavery  there were economic decline on the plantations in British Guiana,hence the Indentured Laborers scheme started and the economy was reinvigorated.

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