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Reply to "The next President of Guyana"

skeldon_man posted:
Prince posted:
Mitwah posted:
alena06 posted:

Anil making his Debut in Queens, Frank is hanging with the ACG in Canada, where is Ramson?  

Anil is a sure lost for the PPP. Frank is having a great reception. Ramson might have a better pull on the younger supporters in the diaspora and in Guyana.

I second that, Mitwah. I have great admiration and respect for Dr. Frank Anthony. Anil adds a dirty bag of coolie katahar to the PPP. He is the likes of Jagdeo cuss down mentality. 

Nehru, please wash your hand. 

What happened to transparency and democracy?

Dr. Cheddi Jagan sets the stage for transparency and democracy. Granger, Jagdeo, and Pinocchio Nandlall eat am out.