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Some members are encouraging Moses to come back and be the Presidential Candidate. 

Joke of the Day

It is evident that Moses brought in few votes in 2015 so with the AFC in even deeper disrepair what votes does he have to bring in 2020.

People need to look at the voter turn out in regions 5 and 6 and understand that the PPP took back what it lost in 2011.

I am unaware of any base that Moses has outside of those regions. Maybe folks can enlighten.

You are working on a fake theory to justify the next big rigging (2020) since Hoyte's fake majority win 1985. APNU stealing the elections on its own in 2020 would require the party justifies it by arguing that the AFC contributed little or nothing to its electoral victory in 2015.  You are on that path. Billy sees you and Billy knows you.


I guess that Indo KKK cool-aid that you are drinking has clouded your judgement.  Are you now claiming that Moses has massive support in Regions 5 and 6, because I am telling you that he doesn't.