Reply to "The games are on !!"

Chief posted:


Millions upon Millions are in utter despair by the actions of your supposedly Mahatma.

You have no shame, how can you level  say the word.

You are a disgrace to the entire Hindu communty more so the Hari Bold movement.

I will have to call my brother sawmill er Ganesh from CWC who is big in the Hari Bold movement and tell him their a harami  from his group.

Please go right ahead. I am proud of what I stand for. I will speak the truth until the last breath of my life.

You on the other hand want to live in America for it's wealth but like those in the middle east, you hate America. That is quite disgraceful.

The People of America has chosen a President who will protect it's citizens and homeland and will kick out traitors who hate America. 

As Prince indicated, lots of hate is being spewed about America and President Trump on Fridays, he should keep a close eye on you and some of your friends who are spewing hate on Fridays.

God bless Mahatma Trump and his efforts to eradicate radicalism.