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Reply to "The epidemic of violence against women in Guyana"

seignet posted:
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antabanta posted:
You do know this is a forum for Guyanese and about Guyana... right? Look at the website name for a hint. Are you saying that you're not aware of an unusually high rate of violence against women in Guyana?

Based on what study? You compared statistics against the rest of the world? Or you jumping to conclusions based on newspaper articles?

Bgurd, forget about stats and newspaper articles. U know damn well that women in guyana are being brutalized on a daily basis. Some even lose their lives in the process. Sad reality. So instead of questioning Anta, u should accept this as a fact, because it is. Alas,  u are so taken up with this obsession of black baigan on every thread that your sense of reasoning has become clouded.

we know one another. and you would know that women get mistreated in guyana for generations. but now, the news gets hold of it and it flies.

if anything, less women are are being bullied but the few that do gets the coverage makes it big. 

Women doan tek nonsense these days.

Have you not been reading the news? Women in Guyana are getting brutalized and murdered constantly.