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Reply to "The epidemic of violence against women in Guyana"

Mitwah posted:
antabanta posted:
Drugb posted:
antabanta posted:
A shame you haven't noticed Guyanese both in and out of Guyana are speaking of domestic abuse in Guyana. You're the only exception.

Jokey bannas, everywhere in the world there is domestic abuse. Don't paint Guyana as though it is an exception. You are free to discuss the issue but don't pretend that is is exceptional per capita. 

I don't paint it. The reality paints it. The authorities paint it. The news media paints it. Multiple NGOs paint it. A host of concerned parties paint it. You are the only one who wants to ignore it.

His posits here speaks volumes of him as a possible abuser. 

Do you know who on GNI lives in any of these places? If so, and they are concerned about the problem, we should raise the issue. Does Drugb live in the Congo or Uganda?

1DR Congo36.8 %
2Uganda33.3 %
3Gabon31.5 %
4Cameroon31.4 %
5Sierra Leone28.7 %
6Mozambique27.7 %
7Zimbabwe27.2 %
8Mali26.9 %
9Zambia26.7 %
10Ivory Coast22.0 %
11Namibia20.2 %
12Kyrgystan17.1 %
13Dominican Republic16.0 %
14Tajikistan15.2 %
15Haiti14.9 %
16Nepal14.3 %
17Jordan14.1 %
18Egypt14.0 %
19Peru12.9 %
20Togo12.7 %