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Reply to "The epidemic of violence against women in Guyana"

seignet posted:
Mitwah posted:
Drugb posted:
antabanta posted:
You do know this is a forum for Guyanese and about Guyana... right? Look at the website name for a hint. Are you saying that you're not aware of an unusually high rate of violence against women in Guyana?

Based on what study? You compared statistics against the rest of the world? Or you jumping to conclusions based on newspaper articles?

You got too much slop in your head and black bigan up your rear end. You are asking stupid questions.

Hey GTAngler, yuh tink this post is assinine?

Which post? Drugb's refusing to accept that domestic violence is a problem in Guyana and coming up with the usual "where you get that from" response instead of trying to come up with a solution, or Mitwah's? I didn't know you had to compare statistics with the rest of the world to find an "acceptable rate". If Drugb's, absolutely. Mitwah gave an appropriate response.

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