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Reply to "The epidemic of violence against women in Guyana"

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antabanta posted:

What is the cause? Anger is a control mechanism and since violence stems from anger, are most Guyanese men control freaks?

What can the govt or NGOs do to alleviate this epidemic of violence against women? Would an education campaign help? How about an education campaign targeting parents to teach their children not to abuse women? As we all know, charity starts at home.

Any thoughts, ideas?

I think liquor has a lot to do with it, deprives them of their proper senses, as in many cases you'll see them crying at the police station after they got out of their drunken stupor. Secondly, our culture is to blame. This type of behavior has been learnt by observation and openly practiced and tolerated for decades. If these men can't satisfy her or "control" her, then they beat her to "teach her a lesson". So yes, in this case many are control freaks. Happens even when they are in America.

Certainly education would help but I think of immediate need are centers for women in domestic violence situations to stay. They must know they don't have to stay in the situation; they must know violence by husbands/ boyfriends toward them is not normal behavior or accepted and there is a safe place they can go. Ample opportunity for NGO's to get involved.

Certainly there's more that can be done in terms of education also. 

Alcohol consumption have a lot to do with domestic violence.I have experienced such as a kid,my mother couldn't take the abuse,made her mind up and parted ways with her four children,I am the eldest  around 8 yrs at the time,a very strong woman.

Older folks in communities use to step in the conflicts.In my adult life one of my friends father told me,he saw my father trying to harass my mother after parting ways,he stood to him to protect my mother.

We need more people in communities to guide people,unfortunately on my last visit to Guyana,my observation was no one cares anymore.

Nuff respect to your mother. Although the point is valid, people in many communities are reluctant to interfere in husband and wife story, justified in many cases because "she must be do something to deserve it." How can we change that? What do you think could have made a difference in your own family to keep it intact?