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The Cuss-down Ranks of the PPP

Recently, I absorbed an earful of slandering against President Jagdeo's unscrupulous behavior over a series of alleged cuss-down that make many on the opposite side view with resentment. This claim went on to say Mr. Ramotar and ranks of the PPP are engaged in unprofessional demeanor whenever there are political gatherings throughout Guyana. Given the benefit of the doubt, I stop short of asking for specific audio or video materials to verify where and when this cuss-down circus took place. To my surprise, I was told I can do that myself since the alleged cuss-down claims are well known to the Guyanese public. I've decided to go on a witch hunt but came up empty-handed.

I can point out many blunders made my politicians in the great USA, and I can safely say that cursing comes naturally under tremendous pressure and when you least expected it. I, myself would like to let out a few stink-bomb to many of you here for attacking the president wrongfully, but that's beside the point.

Slandering is wrong in every sense, and if there's no concrete proof to convince the public. Any such statement remains libel.

Speaking of slandering: AFC also made other claims against the ruling PPP/C party and presidential candidate, Mr. Donald Ramotar as follows:

1) Guyana is a Narco-state under Jagdeo/Ramotar.
2) Vote PPP for Narco-cultivation
3) Jagdeo will screw the Amerinds.
4) Attacking every major development by PPP/C
5) Condemning every infrastructure as failure by PPP/C, and a multitude of other social and economics programs.

This ongoing oddness and slandering by the AFC will run into major disappointment at the poll. The main-stream Guyanese and eligible voters need to be convinced what CHANGE can actually do for Guyana and the working-class people. Take my stupid advice, if you're not positive of change Guyanese will not put their trust in your command... Long live the PPP for continued progress...
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