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Reply to "The Chosen"

Gilbakka posted:
antabanta posted:

Why is everything PPP Jagdeo this and Jagdeo that? Shouldn't it be Irfan this and Irfan that?

Anta, I don't want to tell you barefaced lies. I want to tell you the plain truth.

We PPP supporters love, admire, adore and worship Bharrat Jagdeo. We yearn for his return as President. The CCJ blocked him but that's no problem. We WILL get back Jagdeo as President through what we avid readers know as a Trojan Horse. Irfaan Ali is the Horse.

You really think Irfaan has the capability, capacity and perspicacity to govern Guyana? I know you're not a dingbat, Anta.

So, we PPP supporters are fabulously happy because our Man will reoccupy the presidential chair except when visitors and snooping journalists come around.

How hard is it to understand that simple truth? Don't be a pagla, Anta. You're intelligent.

Apparently not every PPP supporter shares you devotion for Jagdeo. Clearly the letter writer doesn't and he is one of an almost daily barrage saying this.

Now is it that the PPP belongs to Jagdeo which is why you aren't embarrassed that he selected a clown?  Will Jagdeo have to go everywhere that Irfaan goes in order not to do real damage?  And what image will this PPP government convey?

Its one thing selecting a puppet but at lose chose one who is intelligent and capable.