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In what capacity is Bharrat Jagdeo ‘instructing’ Irfaan Ali?

Feb 28 2019


I make reference to a Kaieteur News article dated February 22nd, 2019 titled ‘Irfaan Ali will say nothing more about his qualifications for now – Jagdeo’.
Editor, I have allowed a few days to go by before documenting my thoughts. The reason is: I wanted to give Bharrat Jagdeo and his cohorts in the PPP ample time to respond to Kaieteur News that had he been misquoted.
In the article Bharrat Jagdeo is quoted as saying he instructed Irfaan Ali not to speak about his qualifications until he (Jagdeo) says so. This is beyond shocking. Had this been a lie, I assume Bharrat Jagdeo would have so indicated. Given that he hasn’t, I could only assume it’s true.
I am puzzled as to why Mr. Ali isn’t answering questions about his own qualifications? Why does Mr. Jagdeo have to answer these questions? Or should I say dodge them?
Isn’t Irfaan Ali an extremely competent candidate that is capable of leading a nation on the verge of colossal oil finds? This is the notion Mr. Jagdeo and the PPP is attempting to perpetuate. Shouldn’t a gentleman of such amazing capabilities be able to speak to his own qualifications? Or lack thereof, I am truly bemused.
If that doesn’t boggle the sane mind, the next question will be; under what authority is Jagdeo ‘instructing’ Ali? Isn’t Irfaan Ali the Presidential Candidate and the de-facto leader of the party given his election (or should we say selection?) How is Mr. Jagdeo instructing the Presidential Candidate? Is it by virtue of his position of General Secretary that he is ‘instructing’ Mr. Ali? I am genuinely astonished.
It was quite embarrassing when Bharrat Jagdeo and Irfaan Ali met with the Western Diplomats. During the meeting, Mr. Ali didn’t utter a single word, Jagdeo spoke exclusively.
The party has been in a perpetual state of decline and the Bharrat Jagdeo-engineered selection of Irfaan Ali is icing on the cake. Many of us are wondering, when will the PPP learn/change? It didn’t happen after the minority government in 2011. It didn’t happen after losing the executive in 2015. Will it happen with 40% whenever polls are called next? I wouldn’t hold my breath.
It will only happen with a permanent Bharrat Jagdeo exit from the PPP. But Mr. Jagdeo believes he is the best gift to the party and has a birthright to dictate and instruct as he pleases, so again, don’t hold your breath.

Gerald Singh

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