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Reply to "The absurdity of house to house registration."

Baseman posted:
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Baseman posted:

Banna, the problem with the voters list is irrelevant. Yes, it’s bloated due to deaths and emigration.  However, they don’t vote. As long as the living is on the list, that’s what matters.  

The last LGE proved the list was fine for the eligible voters. So you making something out of nothing!

This is all BS!

Banna, what faaat yuh talking? The bloating of the list due to deaths and emigration IS a major problem! And those people do "vote"! This is the crux of the matter, whoever the ruling party is or has control of the polls in their district can pad the votes with votes from the dead and immigrated! Fat boy did it and the PPP did it and were trying to do it last time.

LGE is not proof of anything. Most people don't vote in LGE and there is nothing "big" at stake in the minds of most local Guyanese.

Not sure house to house is the best remedy, but that list needs to be cleaned up!

Bannaz, here where I come down.  And I am being neutral.  My Guyanese family split on PPP or Coalition.  The only person who declared is the 85 year old matriarch and she love Granger.  And I have US family in both camps.  And you know, Granger used to come and eat bake and solfish in me basement apartment!

It's better to have too many than missing voters.  And yes, the LGE saw lower turnout than will the GE however, the List at the LGE did not discriminate who would or would not show up.  So it had to be complete.  The mere fact that there were no major issues of those choosing to vote being excluded, tells me the list was good for all valid voters.

So, I say use the list while continue to prune for confirmed deceased.  Implement a strong and rigid control at polling centers to unsure only live, valid voters ballots get into the box.  The SOP is there to validate the counting at the central stations.

I don't see having excess as a big a risk and the Govt going on a total overhaul of the list and risk missing many valid voters.

Dont make me laugh about the SOPs.  That is what hold up the process and there is even evidence of fake SOPs being used in places where certain parties lack the manpower to observe the entirety of the process.

The LGE had a 70% BOYCOTT so how do you know that this reflects an accurate list.  It is exactly those who didn't vote, who will be the ones most likely excluded.  That is the ones who have never voted before.

FACT.  GECOM is and has always been inefficient.  In times past the ABC nations even used to offer them $$$ in order to help them be ready for elections.  The voter list has to be purged.  It has to be credible.   People who have no business voting (dead people) shouldn't be on the list and those who turned 18 should be included.

If the PPP doesnt want House to House then they should offer an alternate strategy.  In fact the US Ambassador did offer a strategy before they went to the CCJ. Had they listened elections would have been next month.  Now GECOM will claim that they can do nothing until they get a chair.

The CCJ can call GECOM incompetent but they cannot force an election before GECOM says that they are ready.  That is unless they want to shoulder the blame if an election is held and is considered flawed.  You dont hold flawed elections in Jamaica and Guyana.

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